The First Day of School - 05 September 2017

by Becky Trip

The new school year started on Tuesday, September 5th.  Four of my five girls got on the bus and headed out to North Woods School.  My youngest has to wait a couple of weeks before she starts Learning Readiness.  Remember to watch out for school buses and kids.  Stay safe, and have a great year!


We took our customary photo in front of our house on the first day of school.  Maybe next year our renovations will be done, and we'll be able to take the photo on the front steps again.


Starting to see buses around town.


Here comes our bus.


Good morning, Mr. Niska.


Bye, sisters!


Grandma watches as the bus drives off...



...and around the corner.


Look at our heavy-laden crab apple tree in the beautiful morning light!


Our driveway looks and smells like Fall on the first day of school.


Seven and a half hours later, the school bus safely returns the kids home.


But, we're back out to the school later for a home volleyball match.  Harris Youngquist made this beautiful sign to direct people to the school.


The water tower greets you on the drive in to the school.


The parking lot is getting full from players and spectators.


We watched Emily in her 7/8 Grade game...


Zoe in her Junior Varsity game...


And stayed to watch the Varsity Game.

The end of a busy first day of school.  And, there are many more to come!