Photos Taken on Thursday, March 09, 2017

I had to go out to the North Woods school on this sunny, crisp day, so I thought I'd take a few photos...


Heading out of town on Highway 53 North.


The Cook Visitor Center and Forestry Service.


North Woods School from Highway 53.


Driving in to the school parking area and entrance.


The School Entrance.


The School Water Tower.


The school is located off of Olson Road, off of Highway 53.


Heading back into town on Highway 53 South.


This boat transporter was heading towards the lake.


Back on Main Street (River Street).


The Snow Hill has turned to an Ice Hill and Ice Rink!


There's now an empty spot where the old "Cheer Cafe" used to stand.


Back home. There's very little snow left on our front lawn.