by Becky Trip

As the end of the school year approaches, it's time to showcase what the students have been practicing all year.  On April 28, 2017, Julie's Dance held their annual dance recital.  This year it was entitled "Dancing Through the Years."  Two of my daughters, Emily & Lydia, were in Julie's Dance this year, and my daughter Anna once again was a Back Stage helper during the recital.  On May 3, 2017, the North Woods 5th & 6th Grade Band, Jr. High Band, and Sr. High Band, directed by Mr. Larry Baker, performed at their Spring Concert.  The High School Choir, directed by Ms. Genevieve Wiitanen, also performed at the concert.  Three of my daughters, Anna, Zoe & Emily, are in band, and my daughter Anna also is a piano accompianist. 

Below are photos from the Dance Recital and the Spring Band & Choir Concert.  I enjoyed them both very much, and I'm grateful to the teachers who teach my children these wonderful skills.






Kindergarten - "Little April Showers"


3 to 5 year olds - "Here Comes Peter Cottontail"


1st & 2nd Grade - "Fishing In The Dark"


5th & 6th Grade - "Schools Out"


Kindergarten - "The Father's Day"


Solo by Bridget Schedule - "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"


4th Grade - "Centerfield"


1st & 2nd Grade - "Coal Miners Daughter"


3rd & 4th Grade - "Monster Mash"


4th Grade - "It's Thanksgiving"


5th & 6th Grade - "Sleigh Ride"


Bridget brings the preschoolers out to start the Finale, danced to the tune of "Calendar Girl."


Everyone take a bow!!


Dance instructor, Julie Schelde, hands out the yearly medals and awards.


Lydia & Emily Trip are all smiles after the performance.


Pete Schelde, Julie's husband, is manning the gifts table, where family & friends can buy treats for the dancers.


A display of all of the group photos from this year's dance classes.  We'll see you next year...





The 5th & 5th Grade Band.


The Jr. High Band


Alex Byram performing his contest solo, accompanied on the piano by his mother, Angela Byram.


The High School Choir


Becky Triska performing her contest solo, accompanied on the piano by Anna Trip.


The Senior High Band.

Not pictured are Brandie Walker, performing a clarinet solo, and Senior Jaylin Crain being presented with the John Philip Sousa Award. 

It was a very enjoyable concert.  Thanks for sharing your talents with us.  Have a great summer!