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We receive many interesting pictures that are too numerous to be downloaded and published to the cookmn web site.

If you would like to share a web site, please send the web site address.

Who is Hayim Solomon ?

Bill Woods



911, just who cares about the United States

Bill Woods

Some say it is not true


Have a question you need an answer for

Can't remember who sent this


1940 Dodge found in a barn, in perfect condtion

Jack Petruska


Walking Across America

Sent by Lois Garbisch


Salvation Mountain


Miniature Chevrolet V8 engine

sent by Sam Campagna


The Turkey Quiz


Noah's Ark

Sent by Kallie Erickson Quernemoen's%20Ark.htm



1936 Ford with a stainless steel body

Sent by Jack Petruska



Interesting painting on hands

Sent by Martin Silvi



Lightning Storm Meets Volcanic Eruption Photos

Sent by Bill Woods


A Soviet-built World War Tank pulled from a lake bottom

Sent by John Branstrom


Working model of Noah's Ark


The Parting of the Red Sea,

  the Bible tells of it and now there are photos and evidence that the Bible story is true.


Stories recorded in the Bible are true


Missing some money?  Who knows, you may have money owed you!  Jack Petruska


Dubai , United Arab Emirates Skiing in the desert, Jon Boehmer

Restored Boeing 40C finished & rolled out Old mail plane restored, Bruce Furu


How large is our sun compared to the Universe, Martin Silvi


Flying Hotel, a huge flying machine, Art Tomes  


Bear hanging from a bridge at Donner Pass,  a bear was stranded on a very high bridge, Bill Woods


The 789 Custom built Corvette, looks like a 1957, 1958,1959 Chevrolet all in one , Sam Campagna


Disappearing car door, this one goes under the floor,   Sam Campagna


Albino Moose in Canada,  Jack Petruska


Oldest person in Minnesota,  Catherine Hagel is 113 years old


Proof of the Bible




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