Interesting Nicknames of people in our Community

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 "Ace"  Ronald Amundson 55,1992


"Auggie" - August Carstens


"Babydoll" - Larry (?) Connors. see e-mail below

"Bizzer" - Fred Hyppa

"Bobbo"  Robert Lappi and his twin brother "Red Cloud", see e-mail below

"Brownie" - Bill Mollard

"Bubba" - Lauren Sawatsky

" Buck" - Lester Ohotto 76,1988

"Buck" - Richard Buckingham

"Bucko" - Tony Vukelich, see e-mail below

"Bud" - Albert Holm 89,2011

"Bud" - Lewis Bystrom

"Bud" - Manley Martinson 84,2012

"Bud" - Melvin Ranta

"Bud" - Olin Ofstad

"Bud" - William Heiam Jr.

"Bud" - Walter Kennedy 79,2009, but now he goes by "Walt"

"Bumps" - Donald Baumgartner 73, 1999

"Bunky" - Ernest Drift 76,2010, see e-mail below

"Butch" - David Teska

"Butch" - Gary Boutto

"Butch" - James Cottrell

"Butch" - John Gustafson 53, 2008

"Butch" - David Erickson 42,1990

"Butch" - Martin Zallar 61, 2008, see e-mail below

"Buzz" - Frank Pliml


"Cork" - William Connor

"Corny" - Lorin Eldien 61,1999

"Corny" - Loren Lind 56,1991

"Cuba Erickson" - John Erickson 73,1938, once lived in Cuba

"Cud" - Jim Saari, see e-mail below


"Dewey" - Dwayne Katzenberger

"Ding Ding" - Eldon Drevland 67, 1997

"Ding" - James Holter

"Digger" - Ken Leding 77, 1995, worked in the funeral home business, see e-mail below

"Doc" - Larry Leding 93, 1997, as he helped Dr. Heiam, see e-mail below

"Donuts" - Don Nylund

"Dunner" - John Nylund

"Drew" - Andrew Elliott

"Drew" - Andrew Holm

"Diesel" - David Leding, based on my initials DCL, see e-mail below

"Duke" - David Leding, for my lousy John Wayne imitation, see e-mail below

"Dudley" - Tim Reign

"Dupo" - Ronald Hakkila 57, 1995

"Dyke" - Rayeburn Ongalo


"Earl" - John Earl Grano

"Enns" - Stephan Anderson


"Friday" - Ken Gustason 38, 1973 (Gooseball’s younger brother), see e-mail below

"Froggy" - Dennis Yourczek


"Gismo" - Cletus Shoen 79,2010

"Goober" - Darrell Esterbrook, see e-mail below

"Gooseball" - Don Gustason 69, 2003

"Gust" - Peter Lindgren

"Gustie" - Lawrence Gustafson


" Humpo Ducky" - Walfred Kehus, see below, Kathy Ikola


"Ike" - Clarence Olson 75,2009

 "Ingaborg" - Andy Grebenc, see e-mail below


"Jack" - Richard Michael Seopa 78,2012

"Jack" -  Slippery Namchek, see e-mail below

"Jack" - John Whiteside 76,2002

"Jim" - Donald James Ohotto

"Jim Bob" for James Koskovich. see e-mail below

"Jed" - Jedson Hejda 83,2008

"Jigger" - Ronald Waataja

"Junior" - Erwin Keister 81,2010


"Kit" - Richard William Olson


"Lars" - Alan Larson 75, 2006

"Lucky" - Leon Jerry Schultz, see e-mail below


"Nicotine" - Nicolas Nevitt, see e-mail below


"Odis" - Brian Wardas

"Ole" - Donald Abrahamson 86, 2008

"Ole" - Irvin Donald Swanson  80, 2007

"Ole" - Ronald Newman


"Pee Wee" - Byron Bystrom

"Pee Wee" - Donald Johnson

"Peck" - Greg Olson, for Gregory Peck

"Pete" - Arnie Peter Johnson

"Pete" - Harold Newman

  "Poopslop" - Charles Sorvari 75,2009, see e-mail below.

"Porky" - Ralph Stordal

"Pretzel" - Dennis Petrell 65,2002, see e-mail below

"Punky" or "Punko" - Larry Baumgartner

"Punky" - Stanley Martinson


"Rag" - Rodney Johnson 63, 2000, see e-mail below

"Ray" for James Anderson. see e-mail below

"Red" - Martin Schelde

"Red Cloud" - Roger Lappi and his twin brother Robert "Bobbo" Lappi, see e-mail below

"Richie" - Albert Richard Holm

"Rock" - Rodney Gillson

"Rod" - Ross Huismann

"Rusty" - Russell MacDonald


"Sam" - Wesley Hill , see e-mail below

"Sam" - Selmer Iverson

"Scooby" - Neil Cheney

"Sherlock" - Taylor Midthun

"Shim" - Jim Amundson 77,2009, see e-mail below

"Skip" - Charles McCormick

"Squeak" - Virgil McCue

"Shorty" Raymond W. Anderson 57, 1979

"Shorty" - Terry Newman

"Slippery" - James Allen Namchek, see e-mail below

"Smoke" - Karl Weatherton

"Sonny" - Morris Flack

"Sparkie" - Ronald Johnson

 "Speeukkle" - Robin Anderson 45, 1983, see e-mail below

  “Splot” or “Splottle” - Darrel Lindgren, see e-mail below

"Splawdle" somebody or other (we couldn't remember either the first or last name,

but agreed that it's a great nickname.), see e-mail below

"Stub" - Clare Stromlund

"Stub" - Orville John Schultz, see e-mail below

"Swede" - John Leding  because he was, see e-mail below


"Tadpole" - Tad Nelson, see e-mail below

"Teetababe" - Eddie Isham, see e-mail below

"TicTac" - Tommy Novak, see e-mail below

" Tinky" - Anton Weisner, see below

"Tobie" - Walter Tobias Lund


"Undie" - Donald Alfred Anderson 49, 1980


"Wally" - Arthur Waldermar Refsdal

"WeeWee" - Warren Erickson, see e-mail below

"Little WeeWee" - Don Erickson, see e-mail below


"Rodger Kent" - professional name of Rodger Vogel


Nicknames of the Ladies

"Bobbie Lynn"  -  Rebecca (Koskovich) Leinonen . see e-mail below

"Betty Boop"  -  Sharon Takkunen Marinucc, see e-mail below

"Charlie" -  Sharon Dahlin. see e-mail below

"Cookie"  -  Romona Doroff, see e-mail below

"Cricket" -  Lynette Hakkila, see e-mail below

"Dede"  -  Denise Twite. see e-mail below

"Ernie"  -  Erin Melissa Nurmi, see e-mail below

"Dolly" - Caroled Ofstad (Don) Bellerud

"Dolly" - Lynn Hakkila, see e-mail below

"Jen Jen"  -  Jennifer Haney of Orr - see e-mail below

"Kit" - Kirsten Larson Sayeh

"Lippy Lor"  -  Lori Mae Nurmi, . see e-mail below

"Lulu" -  Mary Lou Vukelich Fry, see e-mail below

" Mimi"  -  Irene Fisher Udovich

"Mimi" - Michelle Peterson Rautiola

" Ms Beep" -  Becky Simonson Trip, her license plates are the same

"Poopsie"  -  Nancy Edblom Reing

"Watson" - Summer Tayor




North woods

Fantasy Football



Sent by Kit Olson


DRILLER - Dale Olson

BUZZARD - Dennis Carlson

RUSTY SPIKE  - John Marconett

BOMBER - Greg Burckhardt

ANIMAL - Rick Appleby

BULL - Kit Olson

COMET - Joel Lawson

DRIFTER - Sam Campagna

SCOUNDREL - Jess Scofield

FOGGY - Steve Fogelberg


Kit nicknamed Dan Johnson - BONES -

one summer when he worked on his farm,

being he was so thin




Please send other nicknames to  Don Simonson


Of course there are many named John, Jacob, etc that are called "Jack" and William called "Bill", etc

and variations of proper first names, Anthony is Tony, etc

Very few many women have nick names other than such as Betty for Elizabeth, etc. Our daughter Becky is "MS BEEP"

Some have nick names used only  by the family

It seems like there are more nick names in Orr than Cook, and Nett Lake has many more


Many of the Cook area men with interesting nick names have passed on, such as;

 "Digger" for a Funeral Home Director and "Sky Pilot" for a Minister of the Gospel,

"Gramps", "Speed", "Crash", "Tin Can", "Haywire", "Ding Ding", "Jumbo", "Swamp John", "Corny", 

"Happy", "Happy Gust", "Ham",

"Gooseball" is one nickname that I never learned the source of.

Someone could do a list on Nett Lake nicknames plus their Indian names as there are many.


Also check "Oddities of names"


Letters in regard to nicknames.


From: Dan T
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2014
Subject: Nickname
There is this kid in our class named Tad Nelson and his nick name is tadpole
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2009
Subject: nicknames

Hi Don, my fathers name was James Allen Namchek, but people knew him as Slippery or if you are from Bear River they knew him as Jack. In his obits they put Jim, Jack, Slippery Namchek. He passed away in august of 1988. Not too many people will know this anymore. Thank you Loretta Bogren



From: "Cote, Dennis N."

Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009

Subject: Nick names


Jennifer Haney  Orr   "Jen Jen"

From: Valencia
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009
gas is back up to 2.29 again in Beaverton, Oregon YUCK
Plus a nickname for your page.
My sister Cookie for Romona Doroff.
Thanks for keeping up the Cook web site.
From: savpbm
To: Cook
Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008
About  NICK NAMES ; Anton Weiser was in the class of 1943, but was killed in Action in Europe. His nick name was Tinky. I have no idea why. Tom Savage




From: Mary Lindgren

Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008

Subject: Nicknames . . .


Good evening from Flagstaff.


So far I seem to have avoided getting in trouble over supplying nicknames . . .


'Nother one for the ladies --


My classmate (OHS '65) Sharon Takkunen Marinucci was called Betty Boop, by only a "select few" close friends. Better have been smiling at the time.


Close resemblance . ? !


Doug Lindgren





----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2008
"Ernie" for Erin Melissa Nurmi
"Lippy Lor" for Lori Mae Nurmi
"Ray" for James Anderson
"Dede" for Denise Twite
"Jim Bob" for James Koskovich
"Bobbie Lynn" for Rebecca (Koskovich) Leinonen



Sent: Monday, January 28, 2008 1

Subject: Nicknames


My brother Dennis Petrell played basketball for CHS in 1954-1955 and his coach Mr. Fortun kept calling him "Pretzel". From that time on all his friends in Cook called him Pretz. Dennis also related to me that the coach, during the final seconds of an important game, behind by one point, called time after Dennis was fouled. Dennis missed both free throws which lost the game. He always blamed the coach for calling time before he "Missed both free throws." 
Dennis was named class president in his senior year and during one reunion, years later, he was asked to comment about his years at Cook High School. One of his comments was "That Mr. Fortun was a great swimming coach." I want to apologize for Dennis for that remark even though he thought it was appropriate. I always thought that it was not in good taste because Cook did not have a swim team. But that was "Pretz".
Jim Petrell

Jim's brother Dennis was a 1955 graduate of the Cook High School He passed away in 2002 at the age of 65.




Sent: Monday, January 14, 2008

Subject: Nicknames


I don’t know if they was another “Splawdle” or not, but Darrel Lindgren was known as “Splot” or “Splottle”.


Michael F. Sarazine 




Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008

Subject: More Nicknames



I was talking to Ken Nakari the other night, and your list of nicknames came up in the conversation. Here are a few others that we remembered (or at least thought we remembered) from the 50's.


From the Nett Lake/Orr area:

Ernest "Bunky" Drift

Eddie "Teetababe" Isham

Larry (?) "Babydoll" Connors

Nicolas "Nicotine" Nevitt


And from Cook:

Tommy "TicTac" Novak

Robin "Speeukkle" Anderson

Rodney "Rag" Johnson

Andy "Ingaborg" Grebenc

Roger "Red Cloud" Lappi and his twin brother Robert "Bobbo" Lappi

Ken "Friday" Gustafson (Gooseball’s younger brother)


"Splawdle" somebody or other (we couldn't remember either the first or last name, but ageed that it's a great nickname.)


Jim "Shim" Amundson

Wesley "Sam" Hill


and our all-time favorite, Charles "Poopslop" Sorvari


My best to Muriel,

Jim Pohl


Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2007

Subject: Nicknames . . .


Good evening from cold and white Flagstaff.


Nicknames  to add to the "ladies list" . . .


Mary Lou Vukelich Fry ( OHS '64) was called Lulu back in her high school days.


Sharon Dahlin ( '65) was known as Charlie to her classmates. I have no idea as to the origin . . . . .


And, one for the guys: Lulu's brother Tony Vukelich (my 1965 Orr High School classmate) is still called Bucko.


Doug Lindgren 


Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2007

Subject: interesting nicknames


I was reading the article about the Cook Fire Department of 1959.  Seeing the photo  reminded me of the most unusual nickname I have ever heard. Walfred Kehus was a family friend and he was called " Humpo Ducky". I have no idea what it meant or why he was called that. Perhaps one of your readers knows the history of his nickname.


Gas prices in Western Montana are higher than Minnesota. We are down to $3.18 for reg. unleaded in Trout creek, MT.


I  read your website regularly and really appreciate your news from my hometown area.


Kathy Metsa Ikola                                                                         

Thanks Kathy, I remember Walfred as he was employed with the St. Louis County Highway Department. I did not know his nickname.

Kathy is a 1962 graduate of the Alango High School 

From: "lynda" <>


Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Subject: Nicknames


I was just looking at the list of nicknames from area people.  I thought I should share and ask you to add my Sister Lynette Hakkila's nickname to your list. You should see the people turn their head when we've been in stores, etc. when I call "Cricket".  As I was told, many years ago when she was just a little girl, my parents had company over and as kids are she was interrupting their conversation and hanging around the table.  My Dad told her quit flittering around like a butterfly and her response was (in a cute little girls voice) - I'm not a butterfly, I'm a Cricket.  Needless to say, she's had the name ever since.  Her daughter "Dolly" (Lynn Hakkila) has never lost her nickname either.
Theresa Martinson


Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2007

Subject: nicknames


Hi Don, what a fun idea. And it helps to know who is who.


In my family there is Stub - Orville John Schultz and then Stubs siblings all have nicknames such as Dolly for Marvin and Punkin for Mae and so on. And then there is Lucky - Leon Jerry Schultz, and then our children all have nicknames at home.... We always called Ericka Jennifer (Schultz) Iverson) -"Missy" and Elizabeth Margaret was "Tiny" although she is the tallest of our kids; In School she picked up the nickname "Tinkerbelle" When Karis Flom started calling her that after she played Tinkerbelle in Prairie Fire Theatres production of Peter Pan. And Lucky calls Adam Buster once in a while.


Lucky's Schultz's side of the Family are famous for their nicknames. Try getting married and trying to learn who was who when sometimes they were called by their nickname and sometimes by there given names. Believe me. It took me about 15 years to get some of them straight. I am still trying on some of them.


Amazingly enough as hard as my name is to pronounce I never picked up a nickname. It is pronounced: Jutta or Yoootttaa almost like Utah but the t is short and so is the a. and then Karin is pronounced like Karleen without the L. In German, where my name comes from the J is pronounced as a Y; and then in when an I is by itself it is pronounced as double ee.


There have been many times when I wished I had a nickname... My mother-in-law could never pronounce my name correctly and as a result many in the area still call me Corinne. I could never get her to say it right. But now I am telling those who still call me Corrinne that it is actually said as Kareen or Karine.



Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2007

Subject: nickcnames


Hi Don,

My dad always said Butch (Zallar) was named after a favorite dog and also Martin was confusing because it was also dad's name. He said that then it got confusing when they called Butch both the dog and Butch came so he had to give the dog away. But we all know what a kidder Dad (Martin Zallar Sr.) was so whether the story is true or not...who knows. It is interesting how some folks get their nicknames.


God Bless you and yours, Kathy Zallar



Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Subject: Nicknames




While not a local anymore my Uncle Larry Leding used to be called "Doc" because he worked with Doctor Heim.  I have a good guess who "Digger" was!  My other Uncle John Leding used to be called "Swede."  I have picked up two nicknames along the way.  Duke for my lousy John Wayne imitation and Diesel based on my initials DCL..


Great seeing you during deer hunting and I will be sending a few photos of our new place in Oregon.  We are settling in to our home in Corvallis, Oregon and getting used to rain but not snow!  I imagine that similar to the last time we moved from the Midwest to Oregon we will wonder what happened to winter.  I have been out here since June 18th, when I changed companies and left Marshfield Door Systems and joined Flakeboard as Plant Manager of the Duraflake Particleboard Plant in Albany Oregon.  We made the move over Labor Day weekend and have been settling in every since.  So far we have about 10% of our stuff that we can't find.....yet.  Moving is so fun.  Mom came out and spent a couple weeks with us helping us get settled.


Our contact information is:


David and Susan Leding

30894 Bellfountain Road

Corvallis, OR  97333

541-752-0649 (h)

514-917-6313 (office direct)


And we would like to connect with other Cookites out here in Oregon.  I know that Nancy Field is out here somewhere and I think that Valencia Doroff may be in Boring.  If you read this, give me a call!!


Dave and Susan Leding


Dave, you are right about knowing who "Digger" was. I remember your father's friends calling his this, of course because he was a funeral director. Someone had to dig the grave.

David is a 1973 graduate of the Cook High School. His father Ken Leding was one of my favorite friends.  He really knew the local history as he grew up in Cook. Also I helped him on his ambulance for a number of years.  David's  mother Kathy taught at the Cook School from about 1953 until into the 1980s. We can thank her for helping many a young lady learn more about cooking and making a happier household.


Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Jim Saari - most people in Cook know him as "Cud"


Dot Saari

Human Resource Manager

Buna Lumber Operation


Jim Saari is a 1945 graduate of the Cook High School. His father was a long-time St. Louis County Deputy Sheriff located in Cook. He and his wife Dot now live in Texas. We see them each summer along with his sister Audrey & Keith Leenhouts.



From: "Don and Karen Erickson" <>

Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Subject: nicknames


My brother, Warren, I believe obtained his nickname one hunting season when he came to school with his cap on, and on the brim he had put his initials - W E .  From then on his name was WeeWee.  Since I was a few  years younger than him I of course became Little WeeWee.  When I am visiting in Cook it is not at all uncommon for people to call me WeeWee or Little WeeWee.

Quite often I have to explain where the nickname came from and that it is not about what they are thinking of.
Don Erickson

Don is a 1955 graduate of the Cook High School. He is the son of Fred & Thrya Erickson. His siblings are Warren & Gail Erickson and Shirley & Ralph Stordal.



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