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Selma (Larson) Storm and her sister Jennie were the two girls of the children born into the Larson family. 
Both had children, but Selma had two girls, one of which had two girls, Lois (Storm) Hill. 
Of Loisí two girls, one had two girls, Linda (Hill) Martin, and of her two girls one Sara (Martin) Niska had two girls.

Sent by Linda Hill (Bob) Martin, is the daughter of Lois Storm (Arne) Hill


My son Rudolph Nylund III has the same birthday as his father-in-law: June 10th.

My son's wife, Alisa has the same birthday as my wife Janet which is December 4th.

(Sent by Rudy Nylund Jr., he lived in the Cook community of  East Little Fork

until the age seven, and now lives at McCordsville, Indiana)



Carol Aune (Squeakl) McCue, her nephews James Aune and Roger Aune were all born on April 30


Chris Nylund and his wife Sheryl Cave Nylund have the same birthdays, 08 May 1968, also graduated together


Ken Alt 54,2013 has a sister Patricia Ann Alt and his wife is Patricia Marie (Shanor) Alt


Jim Frazee was born on July 2 and his wife Michele on July 3


Cousins Justin Nukala, Rachel (Cotten) Johnson and Clayton Nukala Jr were all born on August 12th


Sisters Kathryn and Sandra have the same birthday of June 10, born in 1952 and 1953, daughters of Dick & Shirley Reichel.


Mike Enzmann and his sister Peggy Pearson were born on December 19, Mike in 1945 and Peggy in 1951

Ron Koski was born on April 13, 1934 and his wife Doris on April 13, 1936

Todd Olsonís birthday is on September 3 and his wife Kandi is September 4.


James Grebence was born on September 24 and his wife Sarah on September 25

Bill & Bailey (Soderberg) Conger married in April, they and their three children were all born in April except Liam.


Debbie Price's husband is David Stehlik and her brother is David Price who is married to a Debbie

Debbie's sister Diane has a sister-in-law Debbie Pascuzzi


Robin (George) Pliml has a daughter-in-law Robyn (Louis) Pliml


Danny & Roxanne (McClellan) Brinker have the same middle names, Lynn which is also spelled the same.

Gary & Tammi (Annen) Palmer have similar middle names, Gene and Jean.

Forrest & Carol Abramsonís sons; Gary, Mark and Kerry all have the same middle name of Forrest

(With their sister Karla 52,2013 they owned the "KGM" Construction Company, Karla, Kerry, Gary and Mark.)

Mark's sons Travis and Justin also have the middle name of Forrest

Gustason, Gustafson and Gustavson were local family names.

Flack, Flake, Flank and Balke and Bialke are family names in our community.

Hard to spell names, Czernewski, Eichholz, Parzyck, Wojciehowski, Yourczek, Zakrajshek, Zeleznikar,   

RV Hodge and his grandfather; RV Essex had the same first names, and that is it..

Schuster and Shuster, same family, different spelling


Albert 92, 1993 & Stella 88, 1993 Newman of Togo had 14 children

August 66, 1963 & Irene 58, 1966 (Kesanen) Lappi had 14 or more children.

Their home is now the Vermilion Fairways.


Delbert 64, 1990 & Joyce 80, 2005 (Fredlund) Anderson, 14 children, they lived in Bear River



Also check "nick names"

Coincidence or Synchronicity

From: autoinfo

Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008

Subject: Oddities page.


How's this for coincidence or synchronicity? We found out we where having twins on February 22, 2002. 2 babies, second month, 22nd day, 2002. My wife (Heather Hanson) had been working on the Noah's Arc 2 x 2 cross stitch previous to us finding out!


Jeremy "airjer" Wilkin
Automotive Pro Staff

Jeremy is the son of Ben & Tanya Wilkin. Heather is the daughter of Mike and Kathy Hanso

The Twin's birthday greetings, October 8, 2002




Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008

Subject: Birthdates/Oddities


Hi Don,

IF the Bystrom's had stayed in the Cook area, can't you see the mail person (politically correct, please note) try to deliver mail addressed to:;

  Bystrom - Bud
Bystrom - Byron
Bystrom - Brian
Bystrom - Bradley
Bystrom - Brent
Bystrom - Brenda
Bystrom - Beth

Then on my own side, birthdays fall on the 22nd, 22nd, 22nd and 23rd.  My  eldest son messed it up.

Trivia is fun stuff.

BJ Bystrom


Byron Bystrom is a 1960 graduate of the Cook High School


Birthdays in Six Months, etc

From: cody rautiola

Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Subject: oddities


Hi Don,

Just reading your oddities & had some to share.

I was born on Sept.3 on my aunt MaryAnn Petschal's  birthday (my dad's sister).
Dane Rautiola (Donald, (Terry's' brother's) grandson) was born on Aug.8th on Terry's b-day.
D.J. Rautiola (Donald's son) was born July 7th on Lynn Rautiola/Metcalf's (Terry's sister) b-day.
Our granddaughter Hailie Lana Peterson was born on Dec,26th 2006 on (Terry's sister Connie's daughter) Trisha Carrier b-day 12-26-1986.
Connie's granddaughter Bianna Carrier was born on Dec,18th 2005 on our son Cody Rautiola  b-day12-18-1987
My dad Bill Peterson shared his b-day July,19th with my grandmother Charlotte Johnson (my mom's mom).
My sister Shari Brodeen was born Nov.10th & Terry's sister LeAnn Nelson was born April 24th. Shari Brodeen gave birth to her daughter Chelsey Ann on April 24th 1989 (Leann's b-day) & Terry's sister Leann Nelson gave birth to her daughter Tori Lyn on Nov.10th 1994 (Shari's B-day). This is our oddest one!
Our son Cody Rautiola's bride to be, Taylor Bernier (Jesse Grebenc's daughter) shares her b-day Feb.6th, with my mom Edie Peterson.
Terry's mom, Patsie Rautiola had six children. Donald (May,22nd), Larry (June,26th), Connie (March,4th), Terry (August,8th), Lynn (July,7th). So she had March, May, June, July, & August. When pregnant with her sixth child she was due the middle to end of May, she told the doctor she wasn't having anymore children & was missing the month of April & that was when she wanted to have that baby! He told her there was nothing he could do, she would just have to have two May babies! Much to his surprise and Patsie's, LeAnn was born April 24th! She had her full six months of birthdays! 

That's all we have for now.

Take care, Michelle & Terry Rautiola


Thanks Michelle, that was a lot!  Very interesting.



Born on December 14

From: Mike Duame

Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Subject: oddities
Reading of the oddities in our community..

        My mothers uncle Nick Hoblak was born Dec.14, 1914;

        my dad Robert Barnes, Dec.14, 1932;

        my sister Brenda, Dec.14, 1962

        and my cousin Debbie Rinne, Dec 14, 1966.

Wishes for a continued speedy recovery.
Kathy Duame

Kathy is the daughter of Robert 54, 1987 & Ethel (Holter) Barnes, and a 1975 graduate of the Cook High School


Share the same birthdays

From: Laura Hauta

Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Subject: Birthday Oddities


Hi Don,

I was just reading your birthday oddities and have a couple to add:

Jim Frazee's birthday is July 2 and his wife Michele's is July 3.

             Jason Hauta shares the same birthday as his sister Jennifer, March 9, two years apart (1963 and 1965);

             and his daughter Heather shares the same birthday as her cousin Leena Hauta, March 14, two years apart (1993 and 1995).


             I should also mentioned that I share a birthday with my Aunt Lorie (Frazee) Agnew, April 11 (1950 and 1964).

Hope you're recovering well from your surgery!



Laura is the daughter of Ken & Judy (Agnew) Frazee and a 1982 graduate of the Cook High School


Two John Nylunds married girls names Connie

From: Kathy Nylund

Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008

Subject: More Interesting Oddities of names and dates


RE: John Nylund, John Nylund and John Nylund; Also, Connie Nylund and Connie Nylund


John (Dunner) Nylund has both a son and a first cousin named John Nylund.


                              Both his son and cousin married women named Connie.


I am waiting for the day when I can introduce our son and daughter-in-law,


                              John and Connie Nylund, Forest Lake,  to

                              John and Connie Nylund of Hibbing!

Kathy Nylund
Nylund Real Estate Group
Counselor Realty

763-416-2414 (vm)
612-432-5153 (cell)

Reply to:

P.S. "By Referral Only" means that your satisfaction is our highest priority. We want to serve you in such a way you would be delighted to tell your friends, family members and co-workers to use our service when they have a real estate need.

Kathy is married to John "Dunner" Nylund, the son of John 66, 1966 & Clara 90, 1999 Nylund who owned Nylund's Bakery in Cook. Dunner is a 1955 graduate of the Cook High School Kathy is a first class Realtor in the Twin Cities.


Sisters born on the same date

From: Sandy Sailer

Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008

Subject: Same Birthday


Hi Don,


Here's another one to add to the list...


My Sister Jackie Wilson and I  (Sandy Sailer/Kennedy)  share the same birth date; August 6th. 


                                     I was born Aug. 6, 1965 and Jackie  was born Aug. 6, 1971. Six years later..


She was a wonderful Birthday gift.. 



Sandy Sailer


Sandi is a 1984 graduate of the Cook High School and Jackie graduated in 1989 graduate also of the Cook High School.


Three in the family born on the same date

From: Nikole Peterson

Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008

Subject: More Oddities of names and dates


Hi Don,
Was just reading the Oddities of names and dates and have a few to add from the Flack family
My Dad, Mom and brother all were born on the 4th.....
                               Dad (Doug Flack) March 4th
                               Mom (Linda) May 4th
                               Brother (Travis) August 4th
Also two cousins share the same birthday....  Kevin Flack and Melissa (Flack) Wallestad were both born March 18th. 

Nicole is a 1994 graduate of the Cook High School. She is married to Craig Peterson and they are the parents of a son Blake

and a daughter Kade. Her parents are Doug & Linda (Egger) Flack of Cook.


All born on the 25th

From: Timothy McQueen

Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008

Subject: birthday's




                               PAT SISTER  NOV. 25


                               MICHELE  NIECE  NOV 25


                               TIM  HUSBAND  NOV 25




Vicki is the daughter of Wayne 66, 1982 & Mildred 73, 1990 Evans who were owners and publishers of the Cook News Herald.

She is a 1974 graduate of the Cook High School.


All born on the 27th

From: butch gustafson

Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008

Subject: birthday

Don - Here's our contribution to birthdays in the Gustafson family -


                    brother Jeff,  Nov 27,

                    sister Bev,  Dec 27,

                    myself,  Jan 27,

                    and brother David Feb. 22. David missed it by 5 days. 


However, when David was born, my aunt gave birth to twins, Danny and Danna. Danny, Danna, and David Gustafson born the same day at the Cook hospital.  Tough to keep their records in school by birth dates- all 2/22/60.  Just had supper with my aunt Sue and she said that, since that was presidents day, the twins were originally to be named George and Martha.  Butch Gustafson


"Butch" (John Keith Gustafson Jr) named after his father is a 1973 graduate of the Cook High School


Named for all four great-grandfathers

From: Sidra Boutto

Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008

Subject: Names


Might not be so odd, but we think it is interesting....


Our son Brady Drae Boutto was named after ALL FOUR of his great grandfathers...


                                                  DRAE =


                                                  D- Donald Roderick (Dean's Maternal Grandfather)

                                                  R- Roy Hanson (Sidra's Maternal Grandfather)

                                                  A- Arthur Boutto (Dean's Paternal Grandfather)

                                                  E- Eugene Whiteman (Sidra's Paternal Grandfather)


Sidra Whiteman Boutto

Director of Multicultural and Disability Services
Hibbing Community College


Now that is neat!


Four named Cindy

From: "Prior, Cindy L" <>


Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008

Subject: Name Oddities


My husband, Donald Prior, married me,

                                                                     Cindy (Menges).


His brother Duane married 

                                                                     Cindy (Schomer) Behrens.


His cousin Mark Prior married a                     Cindy.


And...his cousin Doug Westlund married a

That makes three D's marrying three C's and three Cindy Priors in the state of Minnesota. Luckily, all the Cindy's live in different towns. But family gatherings are a hoot!!!
Cindy Prior


Welcome to Don & Cindy, they are new residents of Cook. She works at the Cook Hospital



The Number Six

From: Ellie Brunner []

Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007
Subject: Oddities

Good morning Don.  Speaking of oddities in Cook.

This is Ellie Brunner.  Me and my siblings were all born on the 6th of a month.

                                                 Ellie Brunner,            August 6, 1971

                                                 Christine Daufelt,      December 6, 1972

                                                 Michael Daufelt,       May 6, 1976

Pretty weird that we moved to a town with the 666 telephone number. 



Same birthday, twenty five years apart


From: Jon Boehmer []

Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Subject: Birthday Boys
Hi Don: Thought Iíd throw in my 2 cents worth also to your local oddities.

Our first child (a boy) was born when I was 25 years old. Our first grandchild (a boy) was born 25 years later. That may not seem to be much of an oddity, but it is when you consider all 3 of us have the same birthday. April 7th..  Jon Boehmer


Same names, birthdays one day apart


Each year as I post the birthdays of Gail Hard (Charles) Bergman born on September 28 and Gail Bartlett (Brian) Bergman born on September 29. I do a double take as the names and dates are so close. Their husbands are cousins.


Similar names


From: Darlene Cayo []

Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007
Subject: names,
I think this is interesting


                                                                Darlene's daughter;  Teresa Ann  (McCue)


                                                                Her daughter in law; Ann Marie (Novak McCue)


                                                                and her daughter in law; Susan Marie (Barto McCue)


                                                                and her daughter; Susan Leigh (McCue Mankus)



The Clinton Shermer and Ross Huismann Families have a lot of birthdays in February


From: John & Ruth (Shermer) Huismann [
Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2007

Subject: interesting dates


Don, our families have a lot of birthdays in February, both sets of parents, John & Dad shared the same day. Our son Lucas was born 38 minutes past his Grandpaís birthday


Nick Shermer,

John Huismann,

Alexandra Wardas,

Lisa Shermer Towner,

Syvilla Shermer,

Christina Huismann,

Amanda Huismann,

Ross Allen Huismann,

Lucas Allen Huismann,

Gwen Huismann,

Kay & Tim Cornelius,

Irene Semon,


February 02, 1920 - March 05, 2001

February 02, 1958

February 06, 1995, daughter of Jason & Sandy

February 06, 1982

February 12, 1924

February 13, 1991, daughter of Kenny & Diane

February 14,1989

February 19, 1930

February 20,1982

February 21, 1934

February 21, 1986

February 25, 1949


John & I had a dog at one time with the birthday of Feb 2. We eat a lot of cake during February, Ruth Shermer Huismann.


There are nine children in the Nick & Syvilla Shermer family and six children in the Ross & Gwen Huismann family.  



Similar names


From: Sarazine Michelle A Civ 582 MMXS/MXDTA


Sent: Monday, June 18, 2007

Subject: Names 


Michelle A. Sarazine
Technical Writer
Phone:   777-4659
FAX:      775-4698


                                            Michael F. Sarazine/Michelle Alyne (Ranta) Sarazine

                                            Michael M. Sarazine/Michelle (Sheli) Lynn (Price) Sarazine   (Son & daughter-in-law). 


This has caused problems with the State and Federal Tax departments.  They can't seem to get the right SS# with the right couple.


Mike Sarazine is a 1965 graduate of the Cook High School and the son of Leo51, 1959 & Elizabeth 75, 1990 Sarazine. His wife Michelle Ranta graduated from Virginia, her parents were: Melvin 61, 1987 & Shirley 68, 1997 Ranta. Her brother Melvin "Bud" Ranta works for the City of Cook.


From: Karin (Leon "Lucky") Schultz [
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007
To: Don Simonson
Subject: odd things


Hello Don, this is really fun to read...


When we had Ericka the name Ericka was not that popular... but imagine our surprise when we moved to Gheen and learned that not only was there another Ericka (Spelled the same way) and their middle names start with the same letter, but that their last names were said virtually the same...


Ericka Jennifer Schultz


Ericka Jean Schulze


There have been some mail and prescription mix ups over the years.


And our family has a lot of shared birthdays or within days of each other. I am only 1 year and 5 days older than my sister Christine. I had my first birthday party just for me when I was 17.


                        My sister Wendy had her first child on June 18, 1979

                        I had my first child on January 24, 1983

                        I had my second child on June 18, 1985

                        My brothers daughter was born on January 24, 1996

                        My son was born on April 5, 1994 a day before my sister MaryJayne's birthday.

                        Then MaryJayne had a girl on April 4, 1995

                        Then 1990 was a big year for our family. We had 2 nieces and 1 nephew born in that year.

                        Then Ericka got married on my niece, Chauntae's birthday, July 17.


And so it goes... It is part of what makes family special...


Karin, I had two customers with similar names, your father-in-law Orville "Stub" Schultz of Gheen who worked at the Forestry in Orr with Orville Schwarz.


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