City Hall

127 River Street

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Harold Johnson, (In The Past)




Karen Holanitsch

Elizabeth Storm

Jody Bixby

Kim Brunner 



Theresa Martinson, named interim, 30 Sep 1999. Hired on 19 May 2000 as Administrator.

Theresa started at City Hall on 14 Sep 1992.

Deputy Clerk 

Cindy (Brenna) Palm, clerk and administrative assistant

Susan (Mihm) Stone, clerk


Mark Weir, Civil
Mike Kearney, Criminal

Past Mayors of Cook

George Frances, 1883-1965, served 1926 to 1930
    President of the Farmers & Merchants Bank of Cook, which he founded in 1917
        Wife, Myrtle (Hocking) Frances 1899-1989

        Children; Marion (Carl) Pelto,
          George Jr 1924-1973 & Betty Fosburgh 1928-1976,  Helen (John) Erkkila,
          Robert 1931-1998 & Sharon Parzyck, Charolette (Elmer) Aagard

Waldo Reichel, 1900-1994, served from 1930 to 1943

    Barber shop across from the drug store, 

      4th District St. Louis County Highway Department
        Wife, Pearle (Mann) Reichel 1904-1999
          Children; John "Richard" 1930-1994 & Shirley (Stenbeck, Reichel) Ojanen
            Glen & Arvilla Roheim Reichel

August Buboltz 1871-1961, served from 1943 to 1945
    Businessman, built first hotel in Ashawa, owned the townsite
        Wife, Ameda (Danielson) Buboltz 1886-1929,  Florence (Nordahl) Rykken,
            Dale 1911-1919, Clyde 1915-1919, Dorothy (James) McIlvenna

William Heiam, 1898-1976, served from 1945 to 1965,
    Physician,  owned Cook General Hospital, served at the Cook Community Hospital
        Wife, Louise (Neal) Heiam 1906-1933
            William "Bud" Heiam, Ginger Geyerman, Barbara Heiam Barriger
        Wife, Margaret Beatty (Tom) Savage, 1899-1987

Douglas Johnson, served from 1965 to 1970
    Cook School teacher, served in the Minnesota House and Senate, 1971-2002
        Wife, Denise (Hoole) Johnson

Wally Refsdal, served from 1971 to 1973
    Cook School teacher
        Wife, Marilu (Erickson) Refsdal

         Children: Jeffery, Jennifer

Marvin Chase, 1908-1979served from 1973 to 1977
    Owned Chase Lumber Company
        Wife, Jewell (Fitzsimmons) Chase
         Children; Ronald, Darrel, Shelly

Mike Popelka, served from 1977 to 1979
    Cook School teacher
        Wife, Bonnie (Dolin) Popelka

         Children; Michelle

Judy (Schelde, Henson) Anderson, served from 1979 to 1981
    Nett Lake School teacher
      Husband; Wesley Hensen

      Children; Jeremy, Chris, Jody

      Husband; Rodney Anderson

Yale Corcoran, 1916-1987, served from 1981 to 1987
    Past owner of Spring Bay Resort on Lake Vermilion
        Wife, Muriel (Ryden) Corcoran 1915-1988

Loren "Corny" Lind, 1934-1991, served from 1987 to 1989
    Truck driver for Hill Wood Products
      Wife, Karen (Kjera) Lind

       Children; Greg, Robyn, Kristin

Don Simonson, served from 1989 to 1991
    Owner, Simonson Chevrolet-Olds, Inc.
     Owner, Simonson Internet Realty, Inc.
        Wife, Muriel (Anderson) Simonson

         Children; Carol, Michael, John, David, Rebecca

Doug Nakari, served from 1991 to 1992
    Manager, Northern Farmers Co-op
      Frances Insurance Agency
        Wife, Linda (Hadley) Nakari

Darrel Lindgren, served from 1992 to 1998
    Foreman for Ulland Construction Company
        Wife, Betty (Whiteside) Lindgren

        Children: Daniel, Darin, Angela


Harold Johnston, served from 1999 to 2007
    Physician at the Ashawa Clinic in Cook
        Wife, Carol Johnston

        Children; Wendy, Jennifer.


Richard Edblom, served from 2008 to 2010

Harold Johnston, served from  2011 to  
    Physician at the Ashawa Clinic in Cook
        Wife, Carol Johnston

        Children; Wendy, Jennifer



Past Council members

1936, Dr. William A. Erickson
1937-1938, Alice Gustafson
1937-1938, Ole Larson
1937-1938, John Leding
1937-1937, Wayne Stenbeck
1937-1938, Elmer Waataja
1939-1939, Art Refsdal

1971-1973, Don Simonson 

Amundson, Joe, 
Bakk, Melvin
Bixby, Charles
Champa, Robert
Chos, Tony
Duame, Russell
Fox, George
Fox, Richard
Gustafson, Lawrence

Gustafson, Sue    -2002

Hahn, Larry
Howard, Eleanor, elected 2 Nov 1976
Lindgren, Darrell
Martinson, Elizabeth
Mathias, Pat
Ojanen, Arne
Pascuzzi, Russell
Rinne, Dennis, elected 2 Nov 76
Johnson, Arne
Johnson, Melvin
Simonson, Don, 1971-1973, 1999-2002
Snell, Shirley 

Past Administrators/Clerks

Ray Ronning
Julius Fadum
Earl Soderberg
Edren Hyppa, 1971
Melvin Bakk
Rick Waataja.
Doug Nakari
Walter Salo, 10 Jul 1995 - 05 Oct 1999

Theresa Martinson, 30 Sep 1999 interim, appointed Administrator on 19 May 2000.


City Attorneys

1946- Frank Rosenmeir
1949, Phillip Stone
          Ralph Harvey
1973, 11 Dec.-  Andrew Phillips

1991, Mike Lantry

2006, Mark Weir and Mike Kearney


OFFICIAL DEPOSITORIES : American Bank, Cook Area Credit Union,
First National Bank, Municipal Money Market Fund, Wells Fargo
AIRPORT COMMITTEE: Karen Hollanitsch - Chair, Linda Flack - Vice Chair,
Dave Bowser, Earl Grano, Dale Gustafson, Jack Jordan, Jack Schelde,
Stephen Towle, Alt. Pam Towle
REPRESENTATIVE Alt. Karen Hollanitsch
CEMETERY BOARD Darrel Lindgren, Elizabeth Storm

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, Elizabeth Storm - Chair, Penny Buckingham-
BIO-TERRORISM, Secretary, Linda Flack, Albert Hietala, Karen Hollanitsch,
Arnie Johnson, Theresa Martinson, Bud Ranta, Reuben Rosnau, Tom Woock
HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Shirley Cheney, Karen Hollanitsch, Diane Pascuzzi,
Donna Snyder, Andrea Vogel
HRA Reuben Rosnau - Chair, Cindy Aune, Arvid Edblom, Edgar Jackson,
Tim Mankowski
LIBRARY BOARD, Gerald Storm - President, Pat Olson Vice President,
Harriet Hansen - Secretary, Joann Anderson, Linda Flack, Kathy Leding,
Dan Manick, Donna Parzyck, Mary Jo Reing
PARKS & RECREATION, Greg Burckhardt - Chair, Dan Manick - Vice Chair,
Tammy Palmer - Secretary, Joani Bergstrom, Dick Edblom,
Julie Tausk, Jeanne Taylor
PERSONNEL COMMITTEE ,Harold Johnston - Chair, Dick Edblom,
Karen Hollanitsch, Dan Manick, Elizabeth Storm
PLANNING & ZONING A. Richard Holm - Chair, Dave Danz, Dick Edblom,
COMMISSION Harold Johnston, Erick Stoller, Al Vogt
POLICE COMMISSION, Richard Buckingham, Harold Johnston, Dan Manick,
Arlee Olson, Don Simonson, Al Vogt
REPRESENTATIVE Alt., Karen Hollanitsch
UTILITIES COMMISSION, Robert Dickson - Chair, Linda Flack, Ray Flank,
Irvin Gustafson, Harold Johnston, Darrel Lindgren, Larry Phillips