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Ambulance, Police, Rescue, Sheriff



Current EMT members

(Emergency Medical Technician)

licensed by the State



Dr. Bruce Garbisch,

Medical Director


Tim Mankowski

Ambulance Director


Ambulance Crew 

Chris Cox
Roger Esterby
Brooke Fischer
Will Fischer
Brian Gramling
Ross Gramling
Janelle Johnson
Eric Kiehm
Amy Luecken
Tim Mankowski
Loretta Rankila
David Rankila
Nancy Reing
Jennifer (Koski) Ruuska
First Responders
Jerry Leener
Dan Reing
Danny L. Reing
Mackenzie Reing
Ed Tausk

Past Members of the Ambulance Squad

(Please send other past members that we do not have listed)



Bergman, Chad 35,2006


Buckingham, Penny 59,2010


Black, Ruth


Boutto, Jim


Fischer, Bill 53,2008


Fogelberg, Char 58,2006


Fogelberg, Kelly


Domitz, Stuart


Ferguson, Robin


Hietala, Beth


Hiveley, Cathi 


Hoffmann, Matt

Hyppa, Frank

Hyppa, Margie

Jorgenson, Mary

Lagerquist, Bob

Lindgren, Darrel

Leding, David

Leding, Ken


Malm, Myrna Storm


Matson, Cindy (Engle)


Miklovich, Joann


Morreim, Dennis


McCue, Squeak


Musech, John


Nussear, Dawn


Novak, April

Pajari, Bonnie


Pearson, Connie


Peterson, Gail

Rinne, Dennis


Rinne, Mark

Roberts, Rodney


Romnes, Carol


Rosnau, Brian


Rosnau, Reuben


Schelde, Jack

Shoen, Rolland


Simonson, Don

Simonson, Duane


Snyder, Donna


Straw, Dalton


Straw, Rebecca

Whiteside, Jack 76,2002


  Mary Jorgenson Ken Leding Don Simonson John Musech Dennis Morriem
  61-07.14.1991 77-12.31.1995 06.21.1936 06.28.1924        06.22.1941


The Fire Department took delivery of a new 1978 Chevrolet Modular, November 17, 1978

We did not have First Responders at this time.


Ambulance Service

One of the first Ambulance Services in Cook was provided by Bill Lobe, owner of Lobe Chevrolet Company.  He had taken in an old Packard hearse on trade. He made this vehicle available to be used as an ambulance. No training, who ever was available headed down the road, threw the patient in the back and raced back to Dr Heiam's hospital.


1959, 26 October, when the Cook Hospital opened Ken Leding started his ambulance service with a new 1959 Ford station wagon.  He also used this rig to haul bodies to the mortuary that he was affiliated with. 1964, Ken bought a nice 1959 Cadillac ambulance from the North Saint Paul Fire Department.  He ran this until the last day of 1969 when he closed down  the business.


1970, the Cook Fire Department with help from the hospital staff operated a rented ambulance from the Gold Cross Department in Duluth.  This spring a number of people took training. 


1970, 15 June, a new 1970 Chevrolet Suburban  was delivered to the Fire Department, it cost $8,500.

1978, 17 November. The Cook Fire Department received it's first modular ambulance, it cost $30,000.

Police Department

The last Department members  


Albert Hietala, Chief, joined the department, 16 Jan 1988, retired 30 May 2008

Daniel Nylund, joined the Department; 16 Mar 2006, closed 08 December 2008


Police Commission members


Al Vogt, Arlee Olson, Don Simonson, Richard Buckingham, Harold Johnston, Dan Manick


Past Police Department Members


1937-1938,      Bert Frazee,

1937-1938,      Pat Clune, Sanford Johnson,

1948, 10 Oct.,  Dick Hanson, Floyd Mann,

1956, 11 Jun.,  Richard Harding until Sep 1960. His first squad car was his 1949 Cadillac. He later bought a new 1957 Plymouth.

                           Richard stopped Johnnie Cash for speeding through Cook in 1959. The young fellows around town called him

                          "Wyatt Earp". 

1959, 01 Aug,  Arnold Simonson, he retired on 15 Apr 1966, died 22 Jan 1999, died in 1962, he used his 1949 Plymouth 

                         for the squad car .

                        Ted Beatty Sr. served as the interim until 1960,

1966, 16 Apr.  David Angier. Used a new black Chevrolet el Camino with a 396 engine for a squad car.  First to be called a 

                        Police officer, when the Village became a City, others were known as Marshals. First to wear a uniform.

                         First to attend mandatory schooling classes. David later became a St. Louis County Deputy and served at Lake

                         Kabetogema for the summer then a deputy at Nett Lake for 10 months. David passed away on June 05, 2001

                         at the age of 83.                                

1973, 01 Jul,   Ray Kelm,  named the Chief on 1 Jul 1975, Ray retired on 30 Jun 1979. City bought their first squad car on June 3,1974,

                          it was a used County squad car. Kelm's deputies,  Mike Duame, Gary Martinson, Jim Boutto, Stanley Pearson, 

                          Don Fultz, Duane Milbrett, Tom Whitebird. Ray passed away on January 9, 2012 at the age of 85. 

1977, 02 May, Larry Pocrnich, he married Vickie Evans of Cook while working here. First full time second police officer, he left on 

                         01 Aug 1978     

1979, 10 Apr, Tom Whitebird, left to serve with the Eveleth Police Department, he left on 8 Jan 1980.

1980, 20 Feb.  Joe Barnett,  Gary Martinson & Jim Boutto as his deputies.                           

1980, 10 Sep.  Russ Carlson, he left on 17 Sep 1980.

1980, 13 Nov.  Bruce Teman,  he left for the Virginia PD on 1 Aug 1984.

1984, 01 Jul,    Ron Silcox he left on 11 Sep 1984 to serve on the Eveleth PD, he is now a Minnesota State Patrol officer in this area.

1984, 16 Aug,  Phil Christensen, he retired in 1990.

1984, 20 Sep,  Frank Downs, he left on Christmas Day 1985 during his term the City of Cook bought its first new squad car,

                         a 1985 Chevrolet Impala from  the Simonson Chevrolet dealership.

1986, 16 Jun.   Randy Kertock, he left on 19 Nov 1987.

1988, 16 Jan,   Albert Hietala, the longest serving City of Cook Police Officer, he retired on May 30, 2008

1991, 11 Mar, Mike Pasch, he left on 1 Oct 1999.

1999, 04 Oct,  David Cowlishaw, he left on 31 Mar 2000

2000, 01 Aug,  Kevin Sheffer, left on April 15 2002 to join the National Park Service at the Teddy Roosevelt Park in North Dakota.

                          He is now working out of the Federal Forstery office in Cook.

2002, 16 Jul,   Jeremy Belleville, left on 02 Jan 2006 to serve as a Deputy Sheriff with the St. Louis County Sheriff's Department.

2006, 16 Mar, Daniel Nylund, started, laid off; 08 Dec 2008.


Cook Police Department closed


December 8, 2008. The Cook City Council voted to close the Cook Police Department because of the financial condition of the City. Dan Nylund was the police officer, he had served the City as a police officer since March of 2006. He has a wife and son and a new house in the City.


The City had a nice Police Department office in the old City Hall building. Also a nearly new squad car. The St. Louis County Sheriff Deputies have used our office while patrolling in this area. The County was contacted for police protection for the City but that would also be expensive. The City of Orr disbanded their police department many years ago. But the County Deputies will not respond to minor incidents such as accident reports on the City streets, etc.


Rescue Squad
Northern St Louis County Rescue Squad.
Founded 29 March 1970
Current members of the Squad

  Lt. Paul Stevens, Hibbing
Lt. Derk VerSteeg, Chisholm
Lt. Larry Herzog, Mt Iron
Sgt. Tim Mankowski, Cook
Stg. Scott Holter, Chisholm
Stg. Mike Servaty, Hoyt Lakes
Stg. Warren Marolt, Virginia
Secretary, Sue Haupt, Chisholm
Treasurer, Jan Makowski, Virginia



LeRoy Aho, Babbitt
Zack Aune, Angora
Melvin Bakk, Cook
Scott Hildreth, Embarrass
Sam Hyppa, Cook
Kristian Jankofsky, Britt
Arne, Johnson, Cook
Shane Johnson, Cook
Clyde Koskela, Cook
Trent McDowell, Babbitt
Tom McKenney, Hibbing
Dan Peliska, Mt Iron
Dan Theel, Babbitt
Past Members of the Rescue Squad

Bob Carver
Frank Hyppa
Leding, Ken
Pat Mathais
Don Price

Dennis Rinne
Don Simonson

Stanley Thomson






Sheriffs Department
Current Deputies service the Cook area

1976, 01 Mar. Tim Harkonen, promoted to Lieutenant, Hibbing office
2000, May,     Greg Landgren, Orr, now assigned to Hibbing area

2000, May,     Rich McCauly is working the Summer-time at Kabetogoma, also around Cook

2001, 15 Mar, Aaron Nevala, his area is north of Cook

2002, 21 Jan,  John Barrett, Cook area, also serving in the National Guard

2002, 21 Jan,  Jason Akerson, Cook area


Past Deputies


1930-1957,     Adolph Johnson retired 1957, died 07 Jul 1985
                        Henry "Hank" Saari. died 21 Dec 1963
1956, 17 May. Jack Ronald Allen 49 assigned to Cook to work with Deputy Adolph Johnson
                        Glen Van Schyndel left for Hibbing post, 1 May 1960
1960, 01 May. Don Koski
1957,               Dick Floyd, retired 31 Jul 1979,  died 27 Jan 1984
1979, 31 Jul,    Chuck Bergquist, transferred to Duluth in 1986 to serve as the 

                           Supervising Deputy under the Sheriff.

1984, 30 Aug.  Richard "Buck" Buckingham, Cook, retired 30 Jun 2001
....................... David Quiser, Cook,  retired

1977, 22 Sep.  Scott Lundgren, Orr, retired 9 Mar 2001

1980, 01 Jul.    Duane Nelson, Britt, with the Breitung twp Police Dept  from 01 Jun 1978. Retired in 2008



Cook Fire Department


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