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Friday, March 9, 2018



Last evening at the Cook library, we had a dinner “murder mystery” event, which people had to try to solve by questions and clues. The setting was the 1920’s and people were encouraged to dress the part. About 40 people showed up to take part in the suspense and intrigue and everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time. “Murder She Wrote.”      Farm girl


Here is my “librarian” sister Margaret who found her dress at the local Thrift Shop. Note the vintage umbrella in the background.


This is the center piece for the serving table she created. I made a crock of Swedish
meatballs which seemed to be a hit? No poison!


My friends Kathy and Karen came dressed for the occasion, from the Tower end of the lake. I forgot about the dress up part, so my attire was added to, from the costume box they had on site. I was one of the murder suspects, all of whom had different created bios. I played, Frances Dorsey, visiting from Chicago, wife of a deceased doctor, whose prescription pads I had saved and carried along with a glass pill dispenser, in a large encyclopedia with the pages carved out in the middle to hide the goods. My pockets were stuffed with Monopoly money from my sales.


Liz on the left, another suspect, who played my sister “Lillian” and who was a large, shady land owner on Lake Vermilion. I thought the outfits were great! The murder victim, “Salvatore Pizzarelle,”played by the librarian’s teenage son, was found among the library stacks of books, along with several clues left at the site, including one of my prescriptions. The suspects were all lined up and interrogated by the “detective inspector,” and people voted on who they thought committed the crime. So who-dun-it??



Here are a couple of other photos from the evening of the cast and attendees that Linda sent...




Thanks to Linda for allowing me to use her article for our website.  And, thanks to Crystal Phillips and the entire Cook Public Library staff and volunteers for putting on such a great event.  I enjoyed it very much and can't wait for the next one!  Becky