by Muriel Simonson
May in Minnesota has arrived, but it seems as if the calendar is off a months with an April Fool’s trick played on us with SNOW!  May 1, 1954, 63 years ago there was a big storm for Mike and Donna (Helstrom) Picek’s wedding day! Here in Northern Minnesota we can go from a beautiful, warm, sunny day to winter weather the next day, a day later it  may be back to spring. Time to start cutting grass.

There are many activities and opportunities in spring. On Saturday, April 29th.  The Ladies’ Spring Luncheon was held by the women of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Angora. This little country church has been a welcoming House of Worship for many, many years. The King ladies, Rebecca and her daughters, Maria and Victoria, presented a very uplifting program consisting of many musical selections as they brought praises to the Lord with scripture and other inspirational thoughts intertwined between the musical selections. The Kings are a very musical family both vocally and instrumentally. Victoria provided the prelude on her harp as we arrived. The three King sons are now grown, married young men.    Following the presentation a lovely salad luncheon was served by the women of the church.

There are many other activities; rummage sales, “Wings and Things” (which is a fundraiser for the community center), dance recital, choral and band concerts at school  other concerts, field trips for several classes, prom, baseball, track and golf.  Then, too, we are seeing and welcoming “home” our seasonal residents in our churches, places of business, and out and about on our streets and sidewalks,. On our roads we meet vehicles pulling their boats.  The lakes are open, people are opening their cabins for the summer, resorts are readying their cabins. Fishing season will soon be here.

The birds have returned, grass is growing, perennials are growing, leaves are beginning to sprout, and the daylight hours are longer.


                                     The King Ladies performing at the Ladies' Spring Luncheon.


Beautifully decorated luncheon tables ready for guests to enjoy a lovely salad lunch and good fellowship.