Some of the Movers and Shakers of Cook in the Early Day

This sign stands in the City Park, it was painted by Ron Maki of Lake Vermilion-Cook

Rev. Oscar Svedberg Abel Pearson

(01) O.J. Leding, 101,1981 & Ida were the parents of Evelyn (John) Hopkins and Jeneatte & Bernard Deick. He owned and operated the Leding General Store with his brother Lars 79, 1950 (Christina) leding.
(02) Mary Helstrom,
(03) G. F. Peterson, owned a newspaper in Bear River and later moved his business to Cook.
(04)  Walter Freudenberg, owned and operated the lumber yard he bought from Gust Buboltz. He sold to the Lampert Lumber Company who was later managed by Ray Ronning who later bought the business and renamed it the Cook Building Center. Ray sold to his son-in-law Dean Buchanan who sold the business to the current owner, Greg Burckhart.
(05) William Ongalo, 48, 1941 (Elizabeth) Ongalo, children; John, Elizabeth, Bill, David
(06) Hugh Hill, 88, 1978 (Amelia); children; Ruth, Raymond, Richard, Phoebe, Frances, Donald, Bonna.  Hugh started the Hill Wood Products in 1936. His sons Raymond and Donald continued the business. Ray's son Steve Hill now owns and operates the business. 
(07) Mike Sorvari. 
(08) Iver Gustafson
(09) Algot Anderson
(10) Verner Bergren
(11) George Francis
(12) Carl Ardin
(13) Andy Erickson
(14) Lafayette Farrington
(15 August Buboltz
(16) Chris Johnson
(17) Gus Ardin
(18) Ted Maki
(19) Elmer Waataja
(20) Sarah Winchell
(21) Alice Gustafson
(22) Rev. Julius Fadum
(23) Gust Gustafson
(24) Waldo Reichel
(25) Lars Leding
(26) Dr. William Heiam
(27) Charles Oakman
(28) Oscar LeMoine
(29) L.D. Gustafson
(30) Rev. Oscar Svedberg
(31) John Olson
(32) Abel Pearson
(33) John Nylund
(34) Carl Engdahl
(35) Herman Rick
(36) Esther Farrington





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